Friday October 14,2022

Odutayo Odusanya

Environmental sustainability has been one of the areas Nestle Nigeria is making social impact in Nigeria as the company has partnered Wecyclers to ensure non biodegradable materials like plastics are mopped up for recycling.

Such initiative was reflected in a media tour to Wecyclers, Lagos in June 2022 as part of a concluding session of the Nestle training for journalists at Lagos Business School (LBS), themed: “Advancing Nutrition, Health and Environmental Awareness in Media.”

Public Affairs Specialist, Nestlé Nigeria Ltd., Mrs Edidiong Peters, said the partnership with Wecyclers was strategic to address plastic pollution in the country. She said it was part of Nestlé’s contribution to promote environmental sustainability among Nigerians

The photographs describe procedures undertaken at the plant. From collection, sorting to compression. The collectors, sorters and other workers’ remuneration across the value chain was also explained.

The sector is providing jobs and simultaneously safe guarding the environment. According to the spokesperson of Wecyclers, there are still other collection centres such as the one in Ijoko area of Ogun State.

Nestlé has been part of two centres created for collection of wastes.

Weighing materials
Heap of wastes
Wastes are being sorted into categories
Sorted materials ready for compression
A sample of a sorted plastics in bag
Plastics being moved onto the machine
Work in progress
The machine working at optimal level
A sample of compressed plastics

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