Pastor Who ‘Refused’ To Join A Couple On Wedding Day Dies Same Day As Wife’s

Thursday FEBRUARY 18,2021

Odutayo Odusanya

A lady, Chikodinaka Rita Mosses, has come out to debunk a viral video and story of a couple denied nuptial knot by Pastor Essa Ogorry(now late), the General Overseer of Fulfilling Word Foundation, Port-Harcourt Rivers State on their wedding day for coming late to the church.

Chikodinaka Rita Mosses

Chikodinaka in her story, explained that the pastor has been sick prior to the wedding day but managed to attend the wedding as the bride insisted the pastor joined her hand with the husband in marriage.

Late Pastor Ogorry

Ogorry from the report returned from Lagos to Port Harcourt where he was being treated for an undisclosed ailment. He was reportedly said to have waited for the couple for an hour in church before retiring to his office when his health deteriorated. He however requested that the couple be joined in his office when they arrived but the bride who never bargained for a closed door meeting felt disappointed and disapproved of such action.

She titled her opinion piece as ‘Do you know the secret trouble pastors are going through’. She painted a picture of man who was wrongly accused in spite of his Godly love for the bride and the church.

“For two weeks this Man of God was given a negative spotlight all over the social media for a one sided verdict, and just yesterday Pastor Essa Ogorry, the GO of Fulfilling Word Foundation Portcourt Rivers State, passed away. It was said that he cancelled a wedding because the couple’s were five minutes late, how is that even possible or realistic?

“Here’s the truth because this Man was my Pastor while I was in PH, and we’ve been communicating on WhatsApp until after his birthday on the 9th of February, I was even saying I didn’t see his birthday wish on my wall on the 15th February, never knew that was his last day on Earth.

“The said couple insisted that he must be the one to join them, Pastor Essa had come to Lagos for medical treatment he’s been suffering silently without telling anyone, while always looking good and smiling to everyone,

“So on that wedding day he had to suspend his treatment and go back to Ph for this wedding, still feeling weak, he could only sit down to wait for the couple for almost ONE HOUR, when his strength could no longer carry him, he said to tell them that he’s going to his office upstairs, that they should just come there let him join them in his office, but the glamorously dressed couple who wanted a drama show to their friends and family on their wedding day, took it the other way around and boom, that was the beginning of the spoiling of Pastor Essa’s name all over the social media, and even now in death, this Man have become more popular than when he was alive.

“Pastor Ogorry who just did his wife’s one year memorial church service on the 14th of February, died on the 16th of February, the same day his wife died of cancer in 2020 unfortunately. What do you think must have added to his death? Could it be only the prolonged illness he’s been battling with? Of course not, the emotional stress he’s been going through from this wedding scandal added to it.

“Do you know the secret trouble Pastors are going through? Let me remind you:

“Criticism by church members and fans.

“Family problems as many pastors struggle with high spiritual and financial expectations by church members, friends and family.

“Stress, the pastor’s life is one of emotional highs and lows, the very nature of a pastor’s call into ministry can lend itself to seemingly unending stress.

“Depression, this is the very secret” problem of every pastor.

“Sexual problems, these problems are most often in two categories, it’s either pornography that’ll lead to masturbation to ease off tension because of sexual abandonment, or it’s marital unfaithfulness.

“What about financial problems? most of the world hears about the few pastors who make huge salaries. The reality is that the majority of pastors struggle financially to pay their rent, children’s school fees, house upkeep, Church administration funding, personal care funding, members need funding, and the cost of living and dressing up to the expectations of his members and fans.

“A Pastor is just a Man and a human being, but we expect them to be super men and women who should be more perfect than The Master they work for, a Pastor is the only Man who doesn’t have a pastor, he’s the one who belongs to everyone but no one belongs to him, he’s the one who must always have while no one gives to him, he’s the one who stays up every midnight praying for hundreds of people while no one prayers for him, he’s the friend of many but has no friend, he’s the most lonely and alone loner who has no shoulder to cry on, he’s just a man who can step out of line from time to time, and when that happens, nobody will care to know what really happened, but people will immediately escalate the lies about him and turn their backs on him just as it was done to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

“On that faithful day he passed, Pastor Essa who turned 56 on the 9th of February, told his sister that he’s tired of everything and all the problems in his life, that he wants to go and rest, and without any struggle he closed his eyes and died.

“I’ve written as the advocate of the accused and scandalized dead Pastor, I’ve written as his former daughter, I’ve written as his friend, and I’ve written in agreement with his other son’s who are all Pastors on their own, I’ve also written as an Evangelist and a journalist.”

My Name is Chikodinaka Rita Mosses.

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