Nigeria-Singapore Partnership: Hatytude Consulting Gets Commendation Over Strategic Business Collaboration

Friday DECEMBER 18,2020

By Newslounge

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic disease that crippled major businesses and livelihoods, a Nigerian company, Hatytude Consultancy Services Limited has been commended by an Asian company, Akwaaba Ventures, Singapore to have facilitated a number of investments across the sectors of the economy in Nigeria in the course of the year.

The Director, Akwaaba Ventures Limited, Singapore, Ranveer S. Chauhan eulogised Hatytude Consulting team led by the principal partner, Olufemi Hassan for its strategic partnership and impactful webinar series, a platform that has now been embraced globally.

Chauhan explained that the idea of working with small holder farmers in terms of capacity building in Nigeria was borne out of the webinar series coordinated by the Hatytude firm.

He further said that the company’s aim for the platform is to light up the way for Africa and Asia partnership to take its root. He said Akwaaba Ventures sees agriculture and plantation sector as continuing opportunity even as other new networks are exciting to the company.

Ranveer Chauhan however highlights some of the achievements made during the year

“It has been a very beautiful and enriching year of partnership between Akwaaba Ventures (Singapore) and Hatytude Consultancy Services Limited (Nigeria) despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic;

  • We tapped a large MNC for their Nigeria entry strategy
  • We connected with a med sized plantation company offering to tie up foreign capital injection and best in class operations advisory
  • Effectively supported the expansion of a major Asian agro commodity company in Nigeria
  • We engaged a large local conglomerate in helping to offload a deprioritized biz div
  • We connected with a local business to help them find buyers and do a 100% sell out
  • Successfully secured a strategic local partnership for a leading Asian Manufacturer
  • We have offered broad range, comprehensive management consulting services to a large local corporate
  • We offered market entry assistance to an Asian fintech operator.
  • Seamlessly assisted an Asian FMCG company in gaining market entry for their food products
  • We offered digital governance solutions to a state Government
  • We offered key personnel recruitment to a large MNC”

In response to the testimonial, Hatytude boss, Olufemi Hassan recognises the huge Asian network and resourcefulness of Akwaaba and reiterate the need to remain focus in the year to come.

“We will like to acknowledge the impact of Ranveer’s Asian network on this partnership, the broad spectrum of businesses that we were able to connect within a year was a clear demonstration of his immense reach and sound knowledge of the Asian/African business corridor.

“One of our major focus in 2021 is to help capable Nigerian businesses connect and access the Asian market via business registration in Singapore-major Asian Financial Hub- and possible listing.

“Together we will continue to nurture strategic collaborative business engagements within Nigeria and Singapore business communities. 2021 beckons!”

Hatytude Consulting is a management consulting firm offering advisory services to businesses. The firm established to help small and medium sized companies to expand, diversify, restructure their operations or internationalize their business.”

Hatytude also facilitates entry of foreign companies/investors seeking business opportunities in the West African Region particularly Nigeria through Franchises, Joint ventures, Trade partnership and other means of collaboration.

The firm can be reached on their website, and through email

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