Bukky Latunji Celebrates Birthday, Condemns Rape

Odutayo Odusanya

Former General Manager of Zenith Bank, Bukky Latunji celebrates her 51st birthday in an exclusive virtual affair on Tuesday, June 09,2020.
Bukky, who is full of praises to the Almighty God for her health and lifestyle amidst the covid-19 pandemic said in her birthday message that as fulfilled and happy as she is, two things still bother her and makes her uncomfortable.
“Whenever i think about the rape cases and covid-19 scourge in the country, the more i feel that sense of responsibility to lend a voice. So on this day which is my birthday, I have made up my mind to always comment where and when necessary.

“It’s of great concern to me as rape breaks my heart. One minute enjoyment for someone, and a lifetime of heartbreak and misery for the other person.
“We have to change our whole attitude to rape and stop victim shaming. We have to enact new and tougher laws against rapist and no one should be above the law.
“Sex offenders register has to be published online- name and shame. We must root out the rape scourge in our society.” She quipped.

On the Corona Virus Disease-19, pandemic which some members of the society see as nonexisting or a conduit pipe to siphon money by government officials. She reiterated its reality and the need to be responsible. She explained,

“Again on Covid-19, people should know that it’s real. The virus is no respecter of persons; it can affect old and young, male and female, poor and rich. It has no barriers.
“It’s therefore pertinent that we observe all known hygiene protocols to reduce rate of virus transmission..

 “Frequent hand washing, wearing of masks in public, sanitizing hard surfaces around us, checking our body temperature .” Non stigmatization of covid-19 patients must be encouraged by all and sundry. Government is trying their best, we, as corporate citizens must play our parts too. Together, we shall defeat this novel virus.” 

Bukky Latunji

Bukky, is a pharmacologist, banker, financial analyst, nutrition and health consultant, a style icon and a philanthropist, who loves to assist people in need to the best of her capabilities. She has supported different food bank and palliative distribution initiatives in Lagos in the light of the economic hardships the pandemic has visited on the less privilege.

1 thought on “Bukky Latunji Celebrates Birthday, Condemns Rape

  1. Happy birthday mummy B. God bless you richly.
    The issue of rape should be taken very seriously. It’s like robbery and murder combined. The rapist robs the victim of her privacy and intimacy and kills their moral and spirit. I totally condemn it!!! It’s barbaric!

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